The Shocking Advance Hints of the 9/11 Attacks

Clerk Note: I don't find many of the "coincidences" in the following so coincidental. "Lazy" is a better word. If you want people to think of money or wealth, simply show the dollar sign ($). So are we programmed by repetition. If you are in marketing or propaganda, use what works and keep re-enforcing the brand. If you want readers to think of the military in any way, simply flash a picture of the Pentagon. Likewise, if you want readers to think of financial power, simply flash a picture something so pompously named the World Trade Center.

Although promoted by sources that I consider disinformation, one 9/11 theme is that the WTC was never really completed or fleshed out on the inside. This and under-occupancy at the time of destruction helps explain the relatively low 9/11 death count, why more survivors aren't vocal about the WTC, why simvictims are a very real and plausible thing with regards to 9/11 and were promoted by the military as early as 1960 in Operation Norwood presented to JFK with regards to Cuba. [Simvictims being made-up, their actor families are easy to stage and get promoting other agenda milking emotions for all their worth. Control the message: a military objective in all conflicts.]

Think about it. If you wanted to create two symbols of over-towering wealth and power, if money was tight, and if their full usage could torpedo the local real estate market and overwhelm localized services, would you really need to finish every single god-damn floor in both towers?!! No. You could cut corners by concentrating on, say, only the lower 1/3 and the upper 1/3 (if not less). Flesh out various levels only when demand says so.

The point is, hollow (or mostly empty) symbols to wealth & power can be constructed, advertised, worshiped, hyped, etc. without ever really having to prove, floor by floor, that they are anything more than a fascade.

Be that as it may, hollow or not, empty or not, if you got symbols that you want to flash to the world, "all publicity is good publicity" even if symbolically targeted and "destroyed" in a fictional movie or on an album cover. Easy. And lazy to get your message across.

Doesn't make the following any less fascinating.




By: Mike King

As even the most novice student of the 9/11"conspiracy theory" is aware of, several media hints and warnings precededthe horrific events of that unforgettable history-altering day. But what many aren't aware of is just how many of these in-your-facehints there actually were and, in some case, just how diabolically detailed they were. Most disturbing of all isthat the trail of hints stretches back as much as 25 years before the big event!

That may seem unbelievable to some - "coincidental" they will say. Butwhen we study the long term planning of this 250 year old thing we call "The New World Order",we find that 10, 30 or even 50 year plans, within the multi-century Grand Plan, are quite common. You see, unlike the self-obsessed,live-for-the-day little political servants of The New World Order; the inner-core planners play the long game for the sakeof their Tribe's posterity or, for the deluded but idealistic ones, for the sake of some great Global civilization of thefuture.

With this reality in mind, some of the older hints of the 9/11 attacks begin to take on the appearance of a deliberate ritualistic mockery over what is to come.Even if some of these messages can be dismissed as "coincidental"; the sheer amount of the "coincidences",coupled with the fact that we KNOW that the official story of 9/11 is a Globalist-Zionist monster-lie, proves that many predictivesigns (some of them outrageous in scope) were indeed deliberately placed in front of our collective faces. Evidently,these Satanic psychos derive some perverse kick out of this ghoulish game of demonic deceit.

Noting that the Zionist-Globalist influence in the world of Comic Books, HollywoodFilms, TV Shows, Advertising, Video Games, and Music is immense - let us now review, in reverse chronological order, a comprehensivecollection of the hints and 'predictive programming' of the pivotal event which has since altered the course of world historylike no other event since Pearl Harbor. 

"I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" unreleased audio

"I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" unreleased audio


By: George Carlin -
Date: 2016-09-11

George Carlin - "I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" unreleased footage shot on the two days prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The footage remained unreleased until now due to the coincidental timing of the stand-up routine and the terrorist attacks.

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Once too raw, a George Carlin special resurfaces

Once too raw, a George Carlin special resurfaces


By: Jason Zinoman
Date: 2016-09-04

NEW YORK — On Sept. 10, 2001, George Carlin, the greatest political comic in history if measured only by stand-up specials, recorded a bracing hour of social commentary for his new HBO special. The next day, he shelved it.

It wasn’t only the title, “I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die,” that seemed in bad taste after nearly 3,000 people were killed a day later in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Carlin also told a joke about a fart so potent it blew up an airplane. “You know who gets blamed? Osama bin Laden,” Carlin joked. “The FBI is looking for explosives. They should be looking for minute traces of rice and bok choy.”

If timing is everything, Carlin had nothing.

Fifteen years later, his lost special is finally being released. (It is on Sirius XM, though it will be for sale as a download or DVD on Sept. 16, at Amazon and iTunes, among other outlets.) It will be a revelation for comedy fans nostalgic for the days when you could expect a series of articulate salvos from Carlin about every two years. This special is not bonus track material. It’s a polished hour of new jokes with a virtuosic centerpiece, an intricate and elusive nearly 10-minute story that inspired its title, firmly in the tradition of Carlin’s comedy but also a fascinating departure.

A long-shelved recording of a George Carlin routine — taped Sept. 10, 2001 — will soon be released. In it, he makes a joke about Osama bin Laden being blamed for the downing of an airplane.


Pentagon Has No Idea Where Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Went in Iraq and Afghanistan

Pentagon Has No Idea Where Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Went in Iraq and Afghanistan

Over half of 1.4 million guns U.S. shipped into Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 are unaccounted for in DoD's own records, watchdog discovers


By: Nika Knight
Date: 2016-08-25

The U.S. government has shipped over 1.4 million guns to Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, according a new analysis by the U.K.-based watchdog Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), but the Pentagon is only able to account for fewer than half of them.

AOAV released its analysis of publicly available data on U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contracts on Wednesday, and added that when requested to provide its own accounting for the small arms provided to the war-torn nations, "the DoD data shows that over 700,000 small arms were sent from the U.S. to Iraq and Afghanistan within these periods. However, this amount only accounts for 48 percent of the total small arms supplied by the U.S. government that can be found in open source government reports."

"What to do?" writes C.J. Chivers in the New York Times. "If past is precedent, given enough time one of the United States' solutions will be, once again, to ship in more guns." (Photo: Rahmat Gul/Associated Press)

Provoking Nuclear War by Media

Provoking Nuclear War by Media


By: John Pilger
Date: 2016-08-23

The exoneration of a man accused of the worst of crimes, genocide, made no headlines. Neither the BBC nor CNN covered it. The Guardian allowed a brief commentary. Such a rare official admission was buried or suppressed, understandably. It would explain too much about how the rulers of the world rule.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague has quietly cleared the late Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, of war crimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war, including the massacre at Srebrenica.

Far from conspiring with the convicted Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, Milosevic actually “condemned ethnic cleansing”, opposed Karadzic and tried to stop the war that dismembered Yugoslavia. Buried near the end of a 2,590- page judgement on Karadzic last February, this truth further demolishes the propaganda that justified Nato’s illegal onslaught on Serbia in 1999.

Drones in the Sky: Operating the Mechanized Kill Machine

Drones in the Sky: Operating the Mechanized Kill Machine


By: Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Date: 2016-08-16

Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war. Lt. Gen. Frank Benson (Alan Rickman), Eye in the Sky(2015)

All it takes is a boffin on the trigger, then goodnight all.  That is the gist of Horace Rumpole’s words in John Mortimer’s legal creation by that name – the ever direct barrister who finds himself acting in a court martial in Germany on behalf of a British soldier, member of the famed Seraphs.

Such is the ethics of modern affair: the lethal trigger instead of the bloody sword; the weapon fired at a safe distance against a human opponent with little if no chance to retaliate in fair play.  Gone are the days of empty headed light brigades charging foolishly yet breathtakingly against strong positions.

Mortimer’s reflection was penned some decades ago, primarily on the issue of potential nuclear extinction. The button of contemplation (watch those nuclear keys!), the bomb, the nuclear deterrent, had done away with the traditional players, who were essentially frustrated thespians uniformed for life’s great show.

From triggers to sticks, the emergence of the drone system, remote, piloted warfare, has further given cause to the soldier actor, where simulation has greater significance than what is being simulated.  What matters now is that the computer addled actor is a true killer, a veritable Xbox-trained murderer.  The soldier in that setting becomes a games operator framed by a world of piloted projections. Never mind that these simulations somehow disperse themselves into the effulgent destruction of a target, in all its carnage.